Wokingham District Veteran Tree Association

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Tree 5297
The Walter Oak (MRN5297) - the 5000th tree in the database

The WDVTA maintains a database of veteran and significant trees in the Wokingham area. These have been surveyed by a team of trained volunteers who recorded details of each tree such as the location, species, size, general condition and whether the tree provides a habitat for wildlife, such as bats. The results of the survey can be seen on the WDVTS map. Using this map you can see the locations of all the surveyed trees in the district or just those in a particular parish. By clicking on one of the pins on the map you can see brief details of the tree, with links to the full record and all associated photographs.

Show tree form guide

Database summary

These buttons can be used to call up summary information about trees in the database. The Parish button shows the total number of trees surveyed in each parish, and the Species button shows the total number recorded of each species in the Wokingham district. Species by parish gives the number in each parish. After pressing the button you will have to scroll down the page to see the results.


Wokingham's largest trees

To find the 10 largest trees (as measured when first recorded) in the Wokingham district or in any one of the parishes, make a selection from the drop-down lists and activate the Go button. After pressing the button you will have to scroll down the page to see the results. You can list all trees or just one particular species. Similarly, you can list all tree forms, or just specific ones such as maidens or pollards.

With the exception of stumps, the 'Largest' list only includes trees recorded as 'living'. In the case of stumps (where the majority in the database are dead) all relevant records are listed together with their living status.

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