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Local Groups

  • Arborfield Local History Society

    Arborfield is steeped in history, and the Society exists to make it known more widely.

  • Berkshire, Buckinghamshire & Oxfordshire Wildlife Trust (BBOWT)

    Your local Wildlife Trust has a vision of a wilder Berks, Bucks and Oxon. We’re restoring nature across these beautiful counties and empowering people to connect with their local wildlife.

  • Berkshire Geoconservation Group

    The Berkshire Geoconservation Group is an all-inclusive volunteer group which works with local authorities, landowners and the general public to safeguard our special landscape for future generations and to promote understanding of its geology and geodiversity.

  • Berkshire Historic Environment Forum

    Established in November 2008. Part of Berkshire Archaeological Society

  • The Berkshire Mammal Group

    The Berkshire Mammal Group formed in December 2010 with the aim to bring people together with a shared interest in mammals.

  • Berkshire Ornithological Club

    The Berkshire Ornithological Club promotes education and study of wild birds and their conservation in Berkshire. Anyone interested in birds and bird-watching is welcome: beginner or expert, local patch enthusiast or international twitcher.

  • Blackwater Valley Countryside Trust

    BVCT is the sole charitable organisation focused on the protection, enhancement and human enjoyment of the natural environment of the whole Blackwater Valley.

  • Bracknell Forest Natural History Society

    The Society is for everyone interested in nature and its conservation. Our aims are to present and share information about the Natural World, to increase awareness about its importance and to work to increase the biodiversity of local wildlife habitats.

  • Bracknell Forest Natural History Society Tree Survey

    Established in 2015, BFVTS is a group of volunteers helping to compile a database of Veteran Trees in the borough of Bracknell Forest. A veteran tree can be defined as 'a tree that is of interest biologically, culturally or aesthetically because of its age, size or condition'.

  • Crowthorne Village Action Group

    Crowthorne is part WBC (Wokingham Without) and part Bracknell. The main aim of this group is to protect Crowthorne against urbanisation.

  • Earley Community Orchard

    The orchard was planted in February 2016. The aims are to provide an orchard available to all members of the Earley community and show local children the process of producing fruit.

  • Earley Environmental Group

    The group encourages an interest in all matters concerned with the environment - wildlife, conservation and environmental issues of modern society. It also aims to develop people's skills and knowledge and to carry out practical tasks.

  • Friends of the Emm Brook

    Protects and enhances the Emm Brook and its floodplain for wildlife and people.

  • Friends of Fox Hill

    Friends of Fox Hill is a Wokingham community group that has been created to support the conservation of Fox Hill and Round Hill for future generations, and encourage community love of the woodlands.

  • Friends of Keephatch Local Nature Research

    The Friends of Keephatch Local Nature Reserve is a newly formed group of concerned local residents who have come together to provide a pool of enthusiastic volunteers to help maintain the area and open spaces.

  • Holt Copse Conservation Volunteers

    Since 1999 Holt Copse has been actively managed by the Holt Copse Conservation Volunteers in conjunction with Wokingham Town Council. Traditional coppicing of hazel has been reintroduced along with clearance of dense areas of holly and bramble. Cleared areas have also been replanted with hazel and oak.

  • Hurst Village Society

    The Society is based in the rural village of Hurst in the Royal County of Berkshire, England. The primary concern of the Society is to protect the physical environment and maintain the rural aspect of the area. It aims also to promote greater use of the village amenities and services and to encourage their expansion.

  • Lavell's Wetland Trust

    Charitable organisation preserving and managing Lavell's Lake and its environment.

  • Maiden Erlegh Nature Reserve

    Maiden Erlegh Park is some twelve hectares in extent and is classified as a Local Nature Reserve. it is managed on the Town Council’s behalf by its Park Ranger Service with the help of volunteer groups. The Head Bailiff and seasonally appointed Water Bailiffs also assist in the care of the Reserve and police the fishing areas.

  • Moor Green Lakes Group

    The Moor Green Lakes Group (MGLG) is an organisation to help manage the Moor Green Lakes Nature Reserve in Berkshire, England. Its aims are to improve the Reserve for wildlife, record and monitor that wildlife and enhance the facilities of the Reserve for members of the Moor Green Lakes Group and other visitors.

  • Ramblers Association - Loddon Valley group

    Loddon Valley Ramblers help local people enjoy walking. We look after public rights of way and try to gain new ones. We organise a variety of regular walks that are led by experienced leaders.

  • Reading Geological Society

    The Reading Geological Society is a fully inclusive society which welcomes anyone who has an interest in geology. We have been active for over 44 years.

  • Reading and District Natural History Society

    The Society was founded way back in 1881 to encourage the study of natural history in the Reading area. Our members come from all around Reading but the ‘district’ is a very general area and members come from as far afield as South Oxfordshire, Maidenhead, Hook and Thatcham.

  • Reading Tree Warden Network

    The Tree Warden Network in Reading is run in partnership with the Tree Council, Trees for Cities and Reading Borough Council. The Network is committed to raising the profile of Reading's trees and working with partners and the wider community to achieve maximum effectiveness.

  • Spencers Wood Local History Group

    a non-profit making group dedicated to researching and publishing local history in and around “our village” in Berkshire.

  • Thames Valley Environmental Record Centre (TVERC)

    We collect, analyse and share geodiversity and biodiversity information in Berkshire and Oxfordshire to help people make sound decisions about how to develop and manage land sustainably and where to direct wildlife conservation work.

  • Warfield (Bracknell) Environment Group

    Warfield Environment Group is a voluntary organisation, formed in 2002 by residents who care about the local environment and want to help improve it.

  • Wildlife in Ascot

    We are a group of people living in the vicinity of Ascot who are interested in supporting our local wildlife. We want to preserve and enhance the biodiversity in our area and learn more about what wildlife we have around us.

  • Wokingham and Bracknell RSPB Members' Group

    This is the website of the Wokingham & Bracknell Local Group, a great way to meet friendly, like-minded people in your area while learning more about birds and wildlife.

  • Wokingham Horticultural Association

    Whatever the reason for loving your garden, we can offer members a programme of interesting activities and events throughout the year, and access to our WHA Trading Store. Most of our members have small gardens, and whether you have a particular interest in roses, dahlias, fruit or vegetables, you are sure to find like-minded gardeners willing to share their enthusiasm and knowledge with you.

  • The Wokingham Society

    The Wokingham Society is a Civic Society established in the 1960s to combat the threat to the town's buildings and facilities from widespread and often thoughtless redevelopment.

  • The Wokingham University of the Third Age

    An educational organization with charitable status, where men and women from all walks of life, no longer in full-time gainful employment, meet like-minded members to expand their knowledge, share interests or acquire new skills.

External Organisations

  • Ancient Tree Forum

    The Ancient Tree Forum seeks to secure the long term future of ancient tree ecosystems through promoting best management and conservation practice, lobbying governments over their recognition and protection, encouraging research, and increasing people’s enjoyment of old trees.

  • The Ancient Yew Group

    This website is the UK's (and the world's) leading information portal and database on yew trees, containing information on 1,500 ancient and veteran yews.

  • The Conservation Volunteers

    TCV supports communities to be stronger, working together to improve the places people live and tackle issues that matter to them.

  • Forest Research

    Forest Research is Great Britain’s principal organisation for forestry and tree related research and is internationally renowned for the provision of evidence and scientific services in support of sustainable forestry.

  • National Biodiversity Network

    The National Biodiversity Network is a collaborative partnership created to exchange biodiversity information.

  • The Tree Register

    The Register is a unique database of over 200,000 of our most notable trees, recording our wonderful tree heritage and home to the definitive list of champion trees.

  • Tree species and provenance

    Information that will allow forest managers to select the right species on the right site for the right reasons.

  • Tree Species Selection for Green Infrastructure

    How we can improve species selection to provide our towns and cities with diverse and resilient palette of trees that are capable of thriving in challenging urban environments.

  • The Tree Council

    The Tree Council brings everyone together with a shared mission to care for trees and our planet’s future. We inspire and empower organisations, government, communities and individuals with the knowledge and tools to create positive, lasting change at a national and local level.

  • Tree Hunter

    Rob McBride - a passionate Tree hunter and campaigner for ancient trees of the UK & Europe.

  • Wokingham Borough: Trees and Tree Preservation Orders

    WBC page with links to tree-related facilities including a map of TPOs and information on how to apply for a TPO.

  • The Woodland Trust

    The UK's largest woodland conservation charity.