Wokingham District Veteran Tree Association

Contacting the WDVTA


Who's who

WDVTA Executive Officers

Chair Alison Griffin
Secretary Kerry Clissold
Treasurer Derek Oxbrough

Non-executive Officers

An asterisk ( *) indicates a WDVTA committee member.

Membership secretary Jane Sellwood *
Events organisers Kerry Clissold *
Martin Haslam *
Jubilee Trees Barbara Stagles *
Hospitality Maggie Sanderson *
Schools coordinator and Tree Warden coordinator Stephanie McKay *
Assets manager Malcolm Inglis
Systems manager (information technology) Malcolm Butler
Data controller (information security) Alison Griffin *
Webmaster Malcolm Inglis
Tree Watch editor Elaine Butler *
Lead Tree Warden Stephen Loyd *

Other committee members

Coralie Ramsey Michael Rea Linda Martin
Steve Radford Barry Andersen Sarah Hanson

Get involved

Send us a comment or ask a question

If you have a question you would like to ask then please look first at our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and if you can't find the answer then please get in touch using the 'Send a comment' button below. We welcome any comments or views you may have relating to trees in Wokingham.


Become a member

There are benefits to membership. All members receive news and information about WDVTA activities and online members receive the quarterly e-publication Tree Watch. Members are invited to the AGM and are entitled to vote on a range of matters affecting the Association. Officers and committee members must be WDVTA members and agree to operate according to the Constitution. Those who survey trees on behalf of WDVTA must be members and are covered by insurance provided they have signed the appropriate form.

WDVTA will alert members to particular matters such as planning applications affecting trees in the district. The Association draws on specialist partners when it campaigns on tree issues or applies for funding for special projects.

There is no charge for membership.


Wokingham Tree Warden Network

If you would like to know about our tree warden activities then you can read about it on our Tree Warden page, where you can join the group if you are interested.

Commemorative Trees

Although surveying veteran trees in Wokingham has been our core activity since we were founded, we also recognise that there are many notable trees in Wokingham planted for memorial and commemorative purposes. You can read more about these special trees on the Commemorative trees page where you can also nominate a tree for this distinction.

Postal address

c/o 24 Askew Drive
Spencers Wood