Wokingham District Veteran Tree Association

Welcome to the WDVTA

Who are we?

WDVTA is working to ensure that Wokingham's veteran and other significant trees are properly identified, protected and managed - and to increase public awareness of their beauty and contribution to the town's heritage and amenity.

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What are Veteran Trees?

Veteran trees are those that have reached full maturity and showing signs of ageing.

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What do we do?

Our aim is to encourage everyone living in or near Wokingham to appreciate the beauty and value of our local treescape.

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Tree of the Week

picture of tree
English Oak, Three Mile Cross

Explore WDVTA!

Do take a look around our website. For those of you lucky enough to live in Wokingham, explore these pages to acquaint yourself with our priceless heritage of beautiful trees - and if inspired why not contact us and become a member (membership is free!).

Even if you don't live in Wokingham but you appreciate the contribution that trees make to Britain's towns and the countryside then you'll still find there's plenty here to interest you.

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