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10th Anniversary Report

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To be without trees would, in the most literal way, to be without our roots.

Richard Mabey


The sound of a chainsaw and the felling of a fine mature English oak in 2005 provided the impetus for the founding of WDVTA. Barbara Stagles and her neighbours were dismayed that the tree in Manor Road, Wokingham Town had not been protected and it marked the loss of yet another well-loved veteran.

Wokingham Town Survey

Oak in St Pauls churchyard
MRN 177 - initial surveyor training

Barbara and Andy Glencross, then Countryside Officer for Wokingham District Council, discovered that although some important old trees were included in Tree Preservation Orders, a comprehensive map of old trees did not exist. They applied to The Wokingham Society for a grant of £10,000 to commission a database, recruit and train volunteer surveyors and begin a survey of all veteran trees within the boundaries of Wokingham Town with assistance from the British Trust for Conservation Volunteers.

Initial training

The first of several training courses was held in St Paul’s Parish Rooms in Wokingham. Recruits learned their skills on a splendid veteran English oak (MRN 177) in the churchyard and oaks in Joel Park. By the end of 2006 over 300 veteran trees had been recorded across the town.

Lessons learned

Much was learned in that first year. Recording trees accurately is complex and the technology at the time was limited so volunteers needed support but, when they teamed up with like-minded people, they found surveying became a rewarding and productive social activity.

Surveying across the District

Andy Glencross contacted the remaining sixteen Town and Parish Councils in the District inviting funds to extend the survey to their areas. It became clear that a properly constituted organisation was needed to attract funding for a more accurate and comprehensive survey so in September 2006 a public meeting supported by Councillor Angus Ross established a steering group to form the Wokingham District Veteran Tree Association (WDVTA).

Inaugural General Meeting

On January 10th 2007 the Inaugural General Meeting of the WDVTA was held at Dinton Pastures Country Park.

Awards for all cheque presentation
Receiving the Awards for All National Lottery grant (£9250)

Barbara and Ray Stagles took on the roles of Chair and Secretary respectively and Ian Potts became Treasurer and constitutional consultant. Rex Roskilly designed the logo and Elaine and Malcolm Butler generously offered their technological expertise to set up the more sophisticated database.

The new committee recruited coordinators for each town and parish, organised training and obtained an award of £9,250 from the National Lottery Fund in September 2007. This enabled the acquisition of technical expertise, equipment and the restructuring of the database. WDVTA was up and running.


Expanding our scope

In 2012 we joined the Tree Council’s Tree Warden scheme to broaden our remit to include all trees and not just veterans. Tree Warden activities are now a major part of what we do.

Our aims

We want to encourage the community to become active in protecting and conserving Wokingham's veteran and significant trees. By supporting projects to survey and record these trees we aim to raise public awareness of their environmental and historical importance.

We promote the care, nurture and cultivation of trees by supporting local projects, working with environmental interest groups and helping to develop local and national biodiversity action plans.

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Autumn view, distant vista, tree trunks in foreground
View south from Finchampstead Ridges


Manor Road play area oak felled.
Survey started in Wokingham Town, then whole District. Steering group appointed at public meeting.
WDVTA Inaugural General Meeting. Awards for All National Lottery grant received.
Implemented revised database structure.
First edition of Tree Watch. Survey completed in Twyford.
Survey completed in Wokingham Town, Remenham and Ruscombe.
Website launched.
Tree Warden scheme launched. Publication of Trees in Wokingham Town.
Jubilee Tree Planting Project completed.
Survey completed in Barkham.
Survey completed in Earley and Shinfield.
Tenth Anniversary Report published.

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