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10th Anniversary Report

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Row of trees with red foliage


Row of trees with red foliage

Narrow-leaved Ash, Mohawk Way, Woodley


We hope you have enjoyed reading this report and now have a better idea of the aims of the WDVTA, what we have achieved and how much more there is to do at this time of unprecedented pressure on our environment. All support is welcomed; you do not have to be an active surveyor. If you have not already done so, do join us.

Veteran trees are our green monuments. The contribution that trees make to the Borough’s natural and cultural heritage will only be secured for future generations if we protect, preserve and value these splendid old trees. We must ensure we plant and nurture younger ones to succeed them and we look forward to working with new and existing members and supporters to do just that.

new oaks planted beside a veteran oak
Oak sapling planted in Ruscombe in succession to MRN 2273


The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The next best time is now.

Chinese proverb

We would like to thank all who have contributed in their different ways to the Association and this Report. In particular we wish to include all the surveyors who have recorded the data in our database, our Data and Systems Managers and Webmaster, those Wokingham Borough Council councillors, officers and their teams, Thames Valley Environmental Records Centre and Woodland Trust officials who have given us support without which the survey would not have been possible.

We express our gratitude for financial support from The National Lottery for a grant to assist with the costs of producing this Report. Financial support to set up the Association and to help with our running costs has also been very gratefully received from Wokingham Borough Council, The Wokingham Society, the National Lottery and many of the local parishes.

Survey data and photographs provided by members of the Wokingham District Veteran Tree Association. The front cover and photograph on the Welcome page are reproduced with kind permission from Paul Richards. Text by Kerry Clissold, Janet Firth, Alison Griffin, Cathy Harris, Martin Haslam, Malcolm Inglis and Barbara Stagles. Additional contributions from Anne Booth, Dennis Bryant, Elaine Butler, Sheila Crowson, Doreen Dye, Patricia Green, Richard Howlett, Stephen Loyd, Linda Martin, Penny Miller, Maggie Sanderson, Diane Thorne, Gordon Veitch and Fee Young.

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