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Horse Chestnut, Swallowfield
Horse Chestnut, Swallowfield

Who are we?

WDVTA works to ensure that Wokingham's veteran and other significant trees are properly identified, protected and managed - and to increase public awareness of their beauty and contribution to the town's heritage and amenity.

Since 2007 we have been surveying, recording and photographing veteran trees in Wokingham Borough. We have over 7000 trees in our database - take a look at our Tree Map to see the results.

In 2010 WDVTA broadened its objectives by joining the Tree Council's Tree Warden Scheme.

Read more about the WDVTA on our About Us page.

What are Veteran Trees?

Veteran trees are those that have reached full maturity and showing signs of ageing. The age at which this occurs varies with species - an oak tree, say, will take many more years to mature than a silver birch. Girth is a good indicator of age and you can learn more from our Tree Sizing Guide.

WDVTA is also recording trees planted in public places for memorial and commemorative purposes and collecting these in a separate database.

Our Veteran Tree page and Commemorative Tree page will tell you more about these trees.


What do we do?

Our aim is to encourage everyone living in or near Wokingham to appreciate the beauty and value of our local treescape.

Our main activity has been, and still is, the survey and compilation of the database of Wokingham's veteran trees. The trees in the database can be seen on our Tree Map with their details and photos.

From time to time we organise events such as guided walks, training courses and talks on tree-related topics. Most events are open to non-members.

Explore WDVTA!

Do take a look around our website. For those of you lucky enough to live in Wokingham, explore these pages to acquaint yourself with our priceless heritage of beautiful trees - and if inspired why not contact us and become a member (membership is free!).

Even if you don't live in Wokingham but you appreciate the contribution that trees make to Britain's towns and the countryside then you'll still find there's plenty here to interest you.

Why not start with our Map?